Doulas by State

Finding the services of a doula is now easier than every before. Many pregnancy women are now seeking the help of a doula as part of their childbirth team, along with nurses and doctors.

Doulas are trained healthcare professions who offer compassionate support and care to mothers, newborns, and their entire families.

Find a doula service with the experience to will meet your needs during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period by selecting your state below. Search the listings to find the right doula for you.

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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Doula?

Expectant mothers hire doulas because they offer support, companionship, and compassion to guide them through the stressful time of childbirth and taking care of a new baby.  A doula is trained to provide emotional support for the entire family as well as evidence based information so that the parents can make their own choices.

Studies have shown that hiring a doula for support will make have many positive emotional and physical benefits.  These benefits include a shorter labor, increased chance of breastfeeding of the baby, fewer caesarean sections, and a much more satisfying birth experience for the mother.

How Much do Doulas Cost?

The cost of hiring a doula is different depending on their experience and qualifications.  Certified doulas cost more because they have met a certain standard of education and have received hands-on training.  The cost also depends on where you live; typically doulas in large cities, like New York City, charge more for their services.

The going rate for an experienced, certified birth doula  is around $1000 to $1500.  If you’re looking to hire a less expensive doula, look for one that has just been certified.  Novice doulas cost around $500.  Most birth doulas include postpartum care in their price package.  Some offer extra services such as family photography or belly casting for an additional fee.

What to Look For in a Doula
In order to find the best doula that will provide you with the birth experience that you want, there are several questions to ask before hiring her.  Is your doula certified from a major doula organization such as DONA or CAPPA?  How many years have you been working as a doula?  What types of services can I expect to receive?

Your decision to hire a doula should also determine whether her personality is a good fit for you and your family.  Is she compassionate and patient?  Does she present information in a non-judgemental fashion?  Does she communicate well and listen to your needs?  These traits are all important for finding the best doula for you.