Doula training in Texas

In the Lone Star State, aspiring doulas have the opportunity to practice their invaluable role without the mandatory requirement of certification. However, many doulas choose to pursue certification for professional and personal development. This comprehensive guide explores the diverse educational resources, training programs, and doula centers available in Texas, empowering individuals to embark on a fulfilling career supporting expectant mothers during childbirth and beyond. Whether you’re considering doula training or seeking to expand your skills, Texas offers a multitude of options to suit your needs.

Doula Training in Fort Worth, TX

1.1 Academy of Certified Birth Educators (ACBE) Website: Instructor: Linda Herrick Email: Phone: 913-782-5116

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements:

1.1.1 Birth Doula Training Workshop (3 days) 1.1.2 Childbirth for Doulas Class Both courses are required for DONA certification and will be offered on April 27-29, 2017.

1.1.3 Optional Breastfeeding for Doulas Class Date: April 28, 2017 This class satisfies the DONA requirement for a breastfeeding course.


1.1.4 Read training books from the reading list:

  • The Birth Partner by Simkin
  • The Doula Book by Klaus, Klaus & Kennell 1.1.5 Complete the course evaluation.

Costs and Fees:

1.1.6 Birth Doula Workshop – $450

  • A non-refundable $100 deposit is required during registration.
  • Avail a $25 discount if fees are paid at least 21 days before the class. 1.1.7 Breastfeeding Class – $40

Registration Details:

1.1.8 Download registration forms at

1.2 Doulas of North Texas Website: Email: Phone: 817-754-0439

Course and Workshop Details:

1.2.1 Birth Doula Training Workshop (2 days) This workshop covers the essentials of birth doula support, focusing on emotional and physical care during labor, communication skills, and postpartum support.

1.2.2 Advanced Doula Training (1 day) A comprehensive course that delves deeper into topics such as advanced comfort measures, supporting high-risk pregnancies, bereavement support, and working within diverse cultural contexts.

1.2.3 Postpartum Doula Training (1 day) This training equips doulas with skills to provide holistic postpartum support, including newborn care, breastfeeding assistance, emotional support, and practical guidance for new parents.

1.2.4 Infant Feeding Specialist Training (2 days) Designed for doulas seeking to enhance their knowledge and expertise in supporting families with infant feeding, this training covers various feeding methods, challenges, and practical solutions.

Costs and Fees:

1.2.5 Birth Doula Training Workshop – $650 1.2.6 Advanced Doula Training – $375 1.2.7 Postpartum Doula Training – $375 1.2.8 Infant Feeding Specialist Training – $575

Registration Details:

1.2.9 Register online at

Doula Training in Dallas, TX

2.1 Natural Beginnings Website: Email: Phone: 972-699-3921

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements:

2.1.1 Birth Doula Training Workshop (3 days)

  • Required credit to satisfy both the Childbirth of Doulas and Birth Doula workshop requirements for DONA International certification.

2.1.2 Lactation Basics for Doulas Class (3 hours)

Course and Workshop Topics:

2.1.3 During your doula training, the courses will cover the following topics:

  • Emotional and physical support for expectant mothers
  • Identifying signs of labor progression
  • Providing comfort measures to alleviate pain and stress
  • Postpartum support for new mothers
  • Referrals to help start your business
  • Empowering mothers towards breastfeeding through encouragement and techniques
  • Ethical considerations and certification requirements


2.1.4 Read The Birth Partner, 4th Edition by Penny Simkin before attending class.

Costs and Fees:

2.1.5 Birth Doula Workshop – $400 2.1.6 Lactation Basics for Doulas Class – $55

Registration Details:

2.1.7 Register and pay online by clicking here.

2.2 Dallas Doula Trainings Website: Email: Phone: 972-890-9265

Course and Workshop Details:

2.2.1 Birth Doula Training Workshop (3 days) This comprehensive workshop covers a wide range of topics, including childbirth education, supporting families during labor and birth, comfort measures, postpartum care, and business practices.

2.2.2 Postpartum Doula Training Workshop (3 days) A workshop focusing on the unique role of postpartum doulas, providing guidance on newborn care, breastfeeding support, emotional well-being, and helping families transition into parenthood.

2.2.3 Advanced Doula Training Workshop (2 days) An advanced training program that explores advanced comfort measures, supporting complex births, working with medical professionals, and honing communication and advocacy skills.

Costs and Fees:

2.2.4 Birth Doula Training Workshop – $625 2.2.5 Postpartum Doula Training Workshop – $625 2.2.6 Advanced Doula Training Workshop – $500

Registration Details:

2.2.7 Register online at

Doula Training in Houston, TX

3.1 Houston Birth Classes Website: Email: Phone: 281-849-7409

Course and Workshop Details:

3.1.1 Birth Doula Training Workshop (3 days) This workshop focuses on equipping doulas with comprehensive knowledge and skills to support women and families during childbirth, including comfort measures, communication, advocacy, and postpartum care.

3.1.2 Postpartum Doula Training Workshop (3 days) A specialized workshop that covers postpartum support, including breastfeeding assistance, newborn care, emotional support, and assisting families in the transition to parenthood.

Costs and Fees:

3.1.3 Birth Doula Training Workshop – $550 3.1.4 Postpartum Doula Training Workshop – $550

Registration Details:

3.1.5 Register online at

Conclusion: Texas provides a wealth of opportunities for aspiring doulas to receive comprehensive training and pursue certification. Whether you choose the Academy of Certified Birth Educators in Fort Worth, Doulas of North Texas, Natural Beginnings in Dallas, Dallas Doula Trainings, or Houston Birth Classes, you’ll find dedicated organizations and experienced instructors who are passionate about empowering doulas with the knowledge and skills needed to support expectant mothers throughout their childbirth journey.

Doula Training in Austin, TX

4.1 Austin Area Birthing Center (AABC) Website: Email: Phone: 512-454-5797

Course and Workshop Details:

4.1.1 Birth Doula Training Workshop (3 days) AABC offers an intensive birth doula training workshop designed to equip doulas with a comprehensive understanding of labor support, communication skills, and postpartum care. The workshop emphasizes evidence-based practices and includes hands-on exercises and role-playing scenarios.

4.1.2 Childbirth Education Classes In addition to doula training, AABC provides childbirth education classes to enhance the knowledge and skills of doulas. These classes cover a wide range of topics, including anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, stages of labor, comfort measures, medical interventions, and breastfeeding support.

Costs and Fees:

4.1.3 Birth Doula Training Workshop – $550 4.1.4 Childbirth Education Classes – Prices vary depending on the class

Registration Details:

4.1.5 Register online at

Doula Training in San Antonio, TX

5.1 San Antonio Birth Doulas Website:

 Email: Phone: 210-999-9169

Course and Workshop Details:

5.1.1 Birth Doula Training Workshop (2 days) San Antonio Birth Doulas offers an immersive birth doula training workshop focused on developing compassionate care and advocacy skills. The workshop covers topics such as prenatal support, labor comfort measures, communication, and postpartum assistance.

5.1.2 Bereavement Doula Training (1 day) For doulas seeking specialized training in supporting families experiencing pregnancy loss or infant death, this workshop provides comprehensive knowledge and guidance in navigating grief, bereavement support, and compassionate care.

Costs and Fees:

5.1.3 Birth Doula Training Workshop – $450 5.1.4 Bereavement Doula Training – $250

Registration Details:

5.1.5 Register online at


Texas is a thriving hub for doula training and certification, with various organizations and centers dedicated to providing comprehensive education and support to individuals pursuing a career in doula care. From Fort Worth to Dallas, Houston to Austin, and San Antonio, each region offers unique training opportunities, allowing aspiring doulas to develop the skills necessary to provide exceptional care to expectant mothers and their families.

By enrolling in workshops and courses offered by esteemed institutions such as the Academy of Certified Birth Educators, Doulas of North Texas, Natural Beginnings, Dallas Doula Trainings, Houston Birth Classes, Austin Area Birthing Center, and San Antonio Birth Doulas, you can gain in-depth knowledge, practical experience, and the confidence to serve as a trusted birth companion.

Remember, while certification is not mandatory in Texas, it holds great value in establishing professional credibility and opening doors to a wider range of career opportunities. Embark on your doula journey today, embrace the transformative experience of supporting women through the beautiful and empowering process of childbirth, and make a lasting impact on the lives of growing families.