How to Become a Certified Childbirth International Doula

To be certified as a birth doula at Childbirth International, you must take online courses, support 2 mothers with their births, read doula literature, complete writing assignments, and take an online exam.

According to Childbirth International, there are no requirement to attend workshops.  The courses are broken up into 3 parts online: Communication skills, Physiology in pregnancy and birth, and birth doula skills.  The estimated time to complete requirements is 4-6 months, but there is no time limit for this part of your doula training.

Childbirth International Doula Certification Requirements:  

  • No workshop attendance required
  • Read course manuals
  • Read 3 books from the required reading list 
  • Write a book review after reading
  • Support 2 mothers by attending 2 births and write about what you have learned
  • Complete a survey on the childbirth classes available in your area
  • Take 1 open book online exam on pregnancy, labor, and postpartum periods

Childbirth International Doula Certification Costs and Fees:

  • Training Program Cost: $630
  • Enrollment Fee: No charge
  • Membership Fee: No charge
  • Recertification Fee:  Recertification is not required by Childbirth International

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