Doula Training in South Carolina

Birth or labor doulas do not have to be certified in South Carolina in order to practice.  There is also no requirement for a bachelor’s of science or bachelor’s of arts degree. Pursuing a certification is entirely voluntary and dependent on your career objectives.

The following is a list of educational classes and workshops available in the state of South Carolina which can be incorporated into your doula training. If you are planning to take classes for a certification, please read the details carefully to determine whether the courses are a required part of a certificate-granting curriculum.

Doula Training in Sumter, SC

Organization Name:  Christine Cleary
Instructor:  Christine Cleary
Phone:  405-831-4473

Course and Workshop Details 

This is a 4 day birth doula training workshop comprised of an Introduction to Childbirth for Doulas class that accompanies the training workshop.  Both the introduction class and the workshop are required for DONA certification.  There is also an OPTIONAL Breastefeeding for Doulas class, which is also required by DONA.  This set of courses are offered on the following dates and times:

  • March 23, 2017 (Introduction to Childbirth)
  • March 24-25, 2017 (Birth Doula Workshop)
  • March 26, 2017 (Optional Breastfeeding class)

Registration Details

To register contact by email (CHRIS@BIRTHMATTERSOK.COM) or by phone (405-831-4473).

Doula Training in Hilton Head, SC

Organization Name:  Julie Doula Workshop
Phone:  814-512-2718
Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

  • 1 day Introduction to Childbirth Education class
  • 2 day Birth doula training workshop (counts towards DONA certification)

Course and Workshop Topics
As part of your doula training, these courses will cover the following:

  • Discuss prenatal and postnatal contact with the client
  • Identify different methods of providing emotional support and comfort
  • Identify the differences between a normal birth and a difficult birth
  • Discuss how to care for the newborn and breastfeeding techniques
  • Demonstrate labor through roleplay
  • Discuss the process of the certification

Prerequisite Reading

Read any two book from the DONA approved reading list

Costs and Fees

1 day Introduction to Childbirth class and 2 day Birth Doula Workshop – $475
There is an discount of $50 for early registration

Registration Details

Download the registration form on the website by clicking here.

Mail the complete form to:
Julie Thompson
P.O. Box 295
Sugar Grove, PA 16350